We need to WAKE the hell up!

So many people are BLINDED by the corporate greed of the hetero-cis-patriarchy that they literally cannot see something PLAIN and SIMPLE right in front of their dang noses.

I’m talking about happiness and fulfilling the duties and will of OUR Lord and Savoir.

People talk about Greed.  Hey fatty, don’t eat that food because you’re greedy.  Hey you, don’t drink the regular soda, drink this artificial crap instead so that you aren’t as greedy.  Squish yourself into unhealthy sizes to use less fabric because you are GREEDY. 

GOD wants us to be happy and he provides us all of the food, fabric, space, and anything else we could possibly want or need.  No, just because I am fat and actually eat food (unlike skinnies), I am NOT greedy.  I am fulfilling the desires of my lord and by being happy, rejoicing, and spreading the love of his word.  Those who deprive themselves of God’s gifts are disgracing God and are acting in the ways of Satan.  They are succumbing to the corporate greed of the MEN that DEFINE society’s beauty standards.  They are the MEN that tell US what we are allowed to do, say, and wear.  Now is time that we unite, hold hands with God, and stand up for what is the TRUTH so that we can be happy and free.


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